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Private, online lesson from a certified Instructor

A personalized Self Protection game plan based on your specific needs and abilities

A course of action that fits your schedule

No one needs to come to your home, one click and you’re ready to train

Include friends and family or a training partner at no additional cost

Cost effective solution available for companies


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I highly enjoy my training sessions!

My Instructor was extremely thorough in his approach & finding out what my goals were in contacting them. He made the session enjoyable & impactful; letting me know what to expect from him. On the spot, he mentally devised a game plan that he envisioned would take me where I wanted to go in the shortest amount of time. Being a fitness studio owner, it’s important to save time & learn as much as possible to help enhance my business. So I scream “THANK YOU” Instructor Hutchings for your expertise, knowledge, & caring heart!

I greatly look forward to our future sessions!

Best is ahead! Blessings…”

Smiley Elmore Jr, PhD

Smiley Elmore Jr, LLC

Owner, Smiley’s Champion Fitness